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Benefits and forces driving IoT

Can you think of a world in which every device in a home, office, and car are connected to each other? The world where the door automatically open when the lights of the car fall on it, or coffee starts brewing after listening to the morning alarm, or your door opens automatically when your family member arrives and get locked when a stranger arrives at the front door. This is the world which I [.....]
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Benefits of doing Digital Marketing course from SDT

Digital Marketing is an online marketing encompassing all the marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Variety of tools are available for branding, promotion, and marketing using search engine optimization, email marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click, YouTube marketing etc. Digital marketing course is very popular and is in very high demand these days. SDT ca [.....]
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Need to pursue Android Development Training

Almost about 80% of the mobile users are the Android user. Many of the organizations are developing the mobile apps to manage their business process anytime with which the demands of Android developers are increasing in the market. The Android developer has very good career growth. Although developing Android app requires the use of various technologies but mostly companies’ look for deve [.....]
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