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Programming in C

Programming in C

C is the basic building block of any language. It is the only platform to develop the programming techniques for any type of languages. C was designed and implemented by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. Without C language, there are no interviews for a Fresher. In order to learn any language like Java, .Net, Databases the list continues, we require “C” fundamentals. Even many languages are internally programmed using only the C Language.

It is a Mid-level general purpose programming language associated with UNIX and through that with Linux. Many of the applications like System Software, Application Software, Embedded Systems, Cool Games, Mobile applications, Device Drivers Programming etc. are written in C language.

The main objective of SDT is to develop the higher-level programming skills into the students. Thus, to help them solve the different programming logic. At the end of the training sessions, you will be able to write the different type of logics. Also, will get familiar with the fundamental knowledge of all the languages. This training course will help you solve the technical round of any MNC Company interview both theoretically as well as practically. We focus on providing a lot of logical examples to make as good as possible.

Course Overview

  • Programming Language Introduction
  • History of C
  • Basic Structure
  • Comments
  • Tokens 
  • Keywords
  • Identifier
  • Variables
  • DataTypes
  • Operators
  • Constants 
  • Decision Making in C
  • If Statement
  • If...Else Statement
  • Nested If Statement
  • If...Elseif Ladder Statement
  • Switch Case
  • Introduction of Loop in C
  • While Loop
  • Do-While Loop
  • For Loop
  • Nested For Loop
  • Continue Statements
  • Break Statement
  • GoTo Statements
  • What is Function
  • Function Declaration 
  • Calling of Function
  • Function Arguments
  • Recursion 
  • Define Array
  • Single Dimension Array
  • Multi-Dimensional Array
  • Passing Arrays to Functions
  • Strings in C
  • String Functions
  • C Pointers
  • Types of Pointer
  • Pointer to Pointer
  • Pointer arithmetic 
  • Null Pointer
  • Pointer and Array
  • Void Pointer
  • Const Pointer
  • Structure in C
  • Nested Structure
  • Array of Structure
  • Pointer to Structure
  • Structure to Function
  • Union in C
  • File I/O
  • Input & Output