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Making android mobile application easily and securely is a fantasy for every developer. There are so many options like Java, React, Kotlin, etc.

Most of the developers use Java to Develop Android Applications. But now a day’s community of Kotlin for android app development is growing rapidly.

Also, Google announced officially Kotlin used for Android App Development. Kotlin easily executable on a Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Interoperable. Kotlin is becoming the first choice for android developers because of its easy syntax. With Kotlin developers needs only to focus on the idea and the flow of screens.

If you are selecting Kotlin instead of Java for your first Android Application you take the right decision.

Course Overview

  1. What is Kotlin
  2. Why We Use Kotlin
  3. Java Vs Kotlin
  4. Demand of Kotlin in Mobile App
  5. How to use Kotlin in Android App Development
  6. Kotlin Histroty
  7. Kotlin Versions
1.Install JDK

2.Install IntelliJ IDEA

3.Setup the environment
  1. Variable Concept
  2. Define Variable
  3. What is Variable
  4. What is val and var
  5. null safety
  1. Primitive data types and their limitations
  2. Integer Datatypes
  3. Floating-Point DataType
1.     Hard Keywords

2.     Soft Keywords

3.     Modifier Keywords

4.     Special Identifiers

2.IF- ElseIF

3.Nested IF



6.Expression If and When.
  1. Simple For Loop
  2. Nested For Loop
  3. While Loop
  4. Do
  5. While Loop
  6. Returns 
  7. Jumps
1.What is String

2.String Constructor

3.String Functions

4.Extension Properties
  1. What is Array
  2. Why we Use Array
  3. Constructor of Array
  4. Array Methods
1.What is Function

2.Predefine Function

3.UserDefine Function

4.Recursion Function

5.Default and Named Argument

6.Lambda Function

7.Higher order function

8.Inline Function

  1. Mutable Array

  2. Listof()

  3. mutableListof()

  4. Kotlin ArrayList

  5. Mapof()

  6. HashMap

  7. hashMapof()

  8. mutableMapof()

  9. Setof()

  10. mutable Setof()

  11. hashSetof()

  1. Classes and objects
  2. Kotlin Constructors
  3. Inheritance in kotlin
  4. Interfaces in kotlin
  5. Visibility Modifiers
  6. Abstract class in kotlin
  7. Inner Classes and Nested Classes
  8. What is Data Class
  9. Sealed Class in Kotlin
1.1 A brief history of Android

1.2 Uses of Android

1.3 Importance of Android

1.4 Android benefits

1.5 What is OHA

1.6 Software architecture of Android

1.7 Compare Android with other platforms

1.8 Android terms
2.1 Download and installation process of Android Studio

2.2 Create new project

2.3 Creation of new AVD

2.4 How to select Android versions
3.1 Services

3.2 Broadcast receivers

3.3 Content providers

3.4 Intents

3.5 Notifications

3.6 Activating and shutting down components

3.7 Brief idea about manifest file

3.8 Brief idea about activities and Task
4.1 What are views, Layouts and there classification?

4.2 How Android Draws views and Layout?

4.3 Classification

4.4 Table Layout ln detail with Example

4.5 Tab Layout ln detail with Example

4.6 Frame Layout ln detail with Example

4.7 Absolute Layout ln detail with Example

4.8 Linear Layout ln detail with Example
6.1 Providing resources

6.2 Different resource file location

6.3 Providing alternative resources

6.4 Android finds the best matching resource

6.5 Accessing resources

6.6 Accessing platform resources

6.7 Handling runtime changes

6.8 Introduction to Jquery

6.9 JQuery work in Android
7.1 Multipane & Singlepane

7.2 Fragment Life Cycle

7.3 Addition of Fragments

7.4 Fragments Working without UI
8.1 How to create menus?

8.2 Types of Android Application Menus

8.3 Option Menu

8.4 Expanded - In detail with Example

8.5 Expanded - Sub Menu-In detail with example
9.1 Navigation Drawer

9.2 Simple Side Drawer

9.3 Tab Drawer

9.4 Extra Drawer
10.1 Handling user events

10.2 Different types of event listener

10.3 OnClickO

10.4 OnLongClickO

10.5 OnFocusChangeO

10.6 OnKeyO

10.7 OnTouchO

10.8 OnCreateContextMenuO

10.9 Different types of event handler

10.10 OnKeyDown (int, KeyEvent)

10.11 OnKeyUp (int, KeyEvent)

10.12 OnTrackballEvent (MotionEvent)

10.13 OnTouchEvent (MotionEvent)

10.14 OnFocusChanged (boolean,int,Rect)
11.1 Introduction to dialogs

11.2 Showing and dismissing of dialog boxes

11.3 Alert dialog In detail with example

11.4 Progress dialog In detail with example

11.5 Threading and handler

11.6 Creating running applications-Events

11.7 Creating running applications-Dialogs
  1. Status Bar Notification
  2. Notification Using Broadcast Receiver
  3. Toast Notification
  1. Activity Life Cycle
  2. Activity Views
  3. Activity Methods
  4. Intent Filter
  1. What is Service in Android
  2. Types Of Services in Android
  3. What is Background Service
  4. What is Foreground Service
  5. Services Methods
  6. What is Bind Service
  7. What is UnBind Service 
  1. Controlling the Camera And Taking Picture
  2. Playing Audio And Video File
  3. Introduction Media Player
  4. Push the file from device
  5. How to Create Raw Folder
  6. Video View
  7. Audio Recording
  8. Video Recording
  9. How to use Raw Folder
  10. Text to Speech
  11. Speach To Text 
  1. Launching the dialer to initiate phone
  2. Caller Replacing the Native dialer
  3. Accessing Phone And Network Properties and Status
  4. Reading Phone Device Details
  5. Reading Network Details
  6. Reading Sim Details
  7. Reading IMEI Details
  8. How to Set Wallpaper
  1. What is Broadcast Receiver
  2. Add Broadcast Receiver in Intent Filter
  3.  Action on Power Plugin/Plug Out
  4.  Action on Battery Status Changed
  5. Action on Sim Changed
  6.  Power Button Pressed
  7. Volume Button Pressed
  1. Android techniques for Data Storage
  2. Creating and saving Shared Preference
  3. Retrieving Shared Preference
  4. Loading from files
  5. Introduction of SQLITE database
  6.  Using SQLITE openhelper
  7. Using CRUD Operation.
  1. How to Create Map View
  2.  How to Zoom 
  3.   How to fetch lat lng.
  4.  Calculate Distance B/w Source and Destination Lat Lag.
  5. Draw Navigation Path on Map
  6.   Geofencing
  7. How to Add Marker in Google Map
  8. How To Draw Path On Map
  9. How to Make Ola Cab Booking App
  10. How to Calculate Total Distance
  11. How to Notify User in Range
  1. Using Bluetooth
  2. Sharing Data using Bluetooth
  3. How to On Bluetooth on button click
  4. How to Off Bluetooth on Button click
  5.  How to Make discoverable 
  6. Introduction of Bluetooth Chat Application.
  7. Using WIFI
  8. How to on WIFI on Button Click
  9.  How to Off WIFI on Button Click
  10. How to Search Nearby WIFI
  11. Audio Recording
  12. Video Recording
  1. Accelerometer
  2. Temperature
  3.  Light
  4.  Orientation
  5. Proximity
  1.  Recycler View
  2. Card View
  3. Floating Button
  4. Animation
  5. App Bar
  6. Tool Bar
  7.  Navigation Drawer
  8.  View Pager
  9.  Scrolling View Pager
  10.  Elevation 
  11.  Shadows
  12. Cards
  13. Vector drawable
  14. Input Text Layout
  1. What is RestFull Webservice
  2. What is Get And Post Method
  3. What is Difference b/w GET and POST Method
  4. How to Make API
  5. How to Use PHP as a Backend
  6. What is Domain
  7. What is Server
  8. How to Connect Server From Your App
  9. What is Volley in android
  10. What is Retrofit in andorid
  11. What is JSON in andorid
  12. What is GSON in andorid
  13. How to Upload Image on Server
  14. How to Retrive Data From Server
  15. CURD Operation on Server
  1. Why we Choose Firebase
  2. Creating FireBase Project
  3. How to add Firebase in Your App
  4. Realtime DataBase and Authentication
  5. Storing Data 
  6. Analytics to improve user engagement
  7. Push notification
  8. Remote Config
  9. Introduction to Cloud Functions for CLI
  10. What is SIM in FireBase
  11. What is Outh in FireBase
  12. How to Make OTP request using FireBase
  13. How to Store Image on FireBase Server
  14. Email Authentication
  15. Google Authentication
  16. FaceBook Authentication
  17. Twitter Authentication
  18. GitHub Authentication
  1. What is Animation
  2. How We Use Animation in Your App
  3. Animation Bitmap
  4. Animate UI Visibility and Motion
  5. Physics based motion
  6. View Animation
  7. Alpha Animation
  8. Scale Animation
  9. Rotate Animation
  10. Translate Animation
  11. Property Animation
  1. What is Payment Gateway
  2. Types of Payment Gateway
  3. What is Salt and Key
  4. PayU Money Payment Gatway
  5. InstaMojo Payment Gatway
  1. How to get youtube Video in RecyclerView
  2. What is YouTube Id
  3. YouTube Video Play in VideoView
  4. You Tube Video Pay in WebView