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College Campus Training is the training programs provided within the college campus. It is mandatory for providing the complete training to the aspirants on latest technologies within the college campus. We provide all important modules vital for students to know before entering the corporate life where practical knowledge is given more importance than the theoretical knowledge or else it becomes difficult for one to survive there.

At SDT, we designed the college campus training to enrich the industry readiness level of all the students looking for employment. SDT has established its presence across major colleges of Bhopal like LNCT, Oriental and many more. SDT being one of the leading software coaching institutes provide on-campus training at a moderate fee.

During the training, we endow students with the practical as well as theoretical learning with a chance to work on major projects. We also supply study as well as lab materials to our students and keep the students stimulate and concentrated throughout the sessions. Once the students complete the campus training, we provide them with a certificate which is globally approved and includes the duration & the project completed within Training. The training is not only beneficial for students but also for college faculties.

College campus training programs in all technologies cover the entire syllabus comprehensively which help students avail all the benefits as well as quality standards offered by the companies. The students get into the professional cosmos where practical awareness is given major importance than theoretical concepts. We along with our team of industry experts organized the training sessions within the college’s campus on the latest software technologies. The main reason behind providing this training is to prepare them for the corporate jobs, their working atmosphere, to increase their self-confidence, help them find their own proficiency, cultivates students’ leadership ability and responsibility to perform or execute the given task. We have taken this opportunity to fulfil the needs of students with ease and convenience within the college campus. We understand how important it is to groom students with the perfect technologies required to build a good and a successful career for them. We offer the quality pool of courses and training which prepares students to begin their professional career.

With the on-campus training program, SDT gradually transforms a student into an expert IT Professional by understanding the needs of employers in the software industry and identifying the skills and knowledge required for it. We prepare students for Live Project which mainly includes Programming and Coding. Campus training exposes students to the work challenges and their effective solutions which will help them to grow professionally. They help you know exactly what kind of environment you will get there and how to work accordingly. We have a dedicated team of qualified and certified trainers and technology specialists for imparting campus training who focus on practicing their training skills before implementing them. Apart from practical knowledge, we also assist you with the placement process which is one of the major concerns for every student.